Strike a balance between your architectural design ‘must-haves’ and your budget ‘full-stops’

So, you’re designing a new place. Whatever your fit – house, apartment, barn, cottage – striking a balance between your ‘true’ wants, your budget end point and investment in ‘other rooms and spaces’ is essential for long-term satisfaction and enjoyment.

So, how do you actually achieve the architectural space you visualise without losing your mind and budget figure in the process? Firstly, set the budget numbers aside and hone in specifically on the design process.

Why? Because all too often we hear stories of clients who ‘had’ these exciting dreams and visions at the beginning of a project, only to arrive at the end and have a home that is ‘nice and lovely’ but lacks the ‘true’ soul and spirit they’d envisaged.

From a designer’s perspective, many homeowners inevitably fall into this spiral of trying to do ‘too’ much with ‘not enough’, which arguably results in a project that fails to impress where it should.

Ultimately, clever design relies on smart use of space and creative application of materials, both linked to a thorough understanding of how you live and how you want to live. For example, a designer can capture that ‘soul and vision’, by increasing the height of ceilings in living areas, or featuring specialist finishing materials on walls or ceilings i.e. timber sarked ceiling as opposed to gib, or creating a larger door/opening that connects your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Articulate design isn’t about digging deeper into your pocket, it’s about honing the real reasons behind the architectural project.

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