Bring on the New! Challenge your architecture in 2021

If you’re like us – in fact most people we know – you’ll be glad to say good bye to 2020. And, with Christmas early done and dusted, it’s time to seriously start thinking afresh. So, what does a little New Year spruce up in the architecture department entail for your space, place or house in 2021? Not sure? Well, you’re not alone – so why not take some creative inspiration from the horse’s mouth – or in this case, architects house. There’s nothing wrong with daring to be a little different – after all you’ve got to do for you not everyone else. Here’s what a few top architects have injected into their own home design – and are still loving . . .

Frank Gehry (designed the Guggenheim) – Transformed a Dutch colonial style house into a ad hoc home using corrugated iron, chain-link fencing – deliberately aiming for the ‘deconstruction’ look, engaging shadows and angles.

Daisuke Ibano – This Tokyo architect built himself a house of boxes. It is both light, slender and although it may look a little precarious, it is enchanting.

Luis Barragán – Known for his sparse and cool architecture, injected a flash of ‘something else’ into his home he designed in 1947. Think a full-window wall with cross-shaped glazing bars, pastel geometry on the rooftop, sculptural monoliths (very on trend currently) and concrete.

Albert Frey – His 1960 Palm Spring construction cantilevers itself from a huge boulder which bursts through the living space.

What ever your creative flair or penchant for the different – regardless of where you seek your inspiration. Life’s too short not to surround yourself with the right design for your speak.

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