Reno, reno, hello hello!

Post-lockdown – the first one – we touched on the ‘whys’ of taking on a renovation at your place. Here we’re looking at reeling those ideas in before you go jumping around and heading online looking for tiles.

So, before you get excited, sort your renovation must-haves. Define your ‘Wishlist’ and make friends with your budget.

We know that renovation prospects are definitely something to get excited about – yippee new stuff, more space! But, before you go frantically ringing tradies, sit down with pen and paper and nut out the specifics. This includes . . .

  • Your ABSOLUTE must-haves i.e. The areas of your renovation you definitely want to achieve i.e. new ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, dining onto new deck, kitchen/lounge/dining expansion.
  • Plan for the future i.e. Even if you are not planning to carry out all your renovations in one hit, it’s important you factor in any future build plans you’ve got in the pipeline. Why? So, you can avoid overspending, doubling up i.e. busting down walls that only went up a year ago now that you’ve saved enough to do the kitchen.
  • Budget speak, the more honesty you throw at it and the harder line you take from the start, is a greater safeguard the deeper into your build you go.
  • So, keep home truths at the fore i.e. older homes do typically cost more to renovate, it costs more to build up from the ground, a kitchen and bathroom will typically cost you more than moving walls around to create an additional bedroom.

 Budget tip – We often suggest adding an additional 10% onto your margins – it’s better to budget up and save later, rather than budget on the downlow and find yourself caught short halfway through your build.Renos are something to have a song and dance about – but make sure you boogie with the right ideas and the best people guiding you.