“Architecture isn’t so much about space, it’s what happens in that space,” he says. “A highlight for me is walking through a job site with a client and envisioning the whole project with them – right down to the kitchen colours or bathroom tiles – it’s nice and it’s exciting to be a part of that.”
Dylan Batenburg, Director

Dylan Batenburg
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A natural born questioner, doer and discoverer, it was only time before Dylan found his fit in architecture. With a decade of design under his belt, the Bay of Plenty local, rewards his job for the people, places and materials he connects with.

Renovation, remedial, light commercial or new build, he enjoys the challenge of creating a space from idea conception to final design. 

Tisha Newland
Senior Architectural Designer
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With over 25-years architectural design experience, Tisha Newland – or ‘detail fairy’ as she is commonly referred – is an integral part of the Coalesce team. Never one to ask the same question twice, Tisha’s attentiveness, listening ear and knack for bringing concepts under one roof (excuse the pun) have proven invaluable across the board.

Alongside her experience, her genuine passion for creative development and design that is meaningful to people and the spaces they inhabit, is ever-present in every project she turns a hand to.

Architectural Designer
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From a young age, the shape, form, textures and materials of homes caught the eye of Yvonne Tsao – forget barbie dolls, she was building with blocks. Her interest and curiosity for infrastructure continued to grow, and she went on to complete a Bachelor of Architectural Studies – never looking back.

Her commitment to a sound and detailed design process and documentation is evident, coupled alongside her sunny personality and attentiveness – Yvonne is a joy to work with and alongside. Communication has always been a strength for Yvonne – plus she speaks fluent Mandarin – and credits her years of speech and drama tuition and Trinity College examinations for the lifelong skillset and vocal tools they’ve afforded.